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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog For Your Business Online - Benefits

I know you are looking for experienced blog content writers in Dubai. I know you are looking for bloggers in Dubai who can write quality blog posts for your corporate blog, help you manage your blog too. Well, this is what I do or I have been doing for my clients for years. You can trust me for all blogging services - content creation, positing, management, optimization and branding too. Well, you may say I am far from your city, country but trust me, I am not. Geographical distance is just thing. I am connected to your business, your team members at your firm 24/7 through Email, Phone call, Skype, Google+, Teamviewer, Whatsapp etc. 

Why Blog is Needed For Your Business Online?

Blog Content Writing Services in Dubai

Often, business owners ask me whether a blog is really necessary for their business online or not? Well, I would say, yes, it is important. If you do not have a blog content writer in your team then think of hiring an expert blogger who can manage your business blog and help you reach your business goals.  Here, in this post, I am going to describe why you should run a blog on your site and how it can bring for you enviable success in your business. 

But, before that let us pay attention to one basic thing you may also have come across. Blog can be hosted either on the business website or it can run on sub-domain. 

For instance, your blog url can be or it can be (sub domain).


“Hosting a blog using a subdomain may not bring for you all advantages of blogging which you might expect when you will host it using your main domain.”

This is simply a misconception. Expert seo consultants do not give any importance to such statement. They know it doesn’t make any difference whether the blog is hosted using a main domain or created using a separate sub-domain.  

Fuel for your content marketing strategy

No business can flourish online without creating, implementing and managing the right content marketing strategies. Whether you are a startup or a small firm, mid-sized company or a big enterprise/ one of fortune 500 companies, without making “blogging” an integral part of the content marketing, moving forward to achieves goals online would be almost impossible. Company blog would act like a fuel and can have the capabilities to push your business to great heights. 

Enhancing website traffic 

You, as a business owner, would expect to see an increase in your traffic. Almost all of the marketing activities done online revolve around increasing traffic to website. There are some business owners who advertise in Google and other search engines to drive traffic to their website and increase sales.They may show readiness to spend a lot on advertising but they miss out on the basic thing that can have great potential to save a lot of their money. Yes, that is blogging. With blogging, it could be easier to drive an incredible increase in your business. When you blog, you add more content to your site which eventually lead to increasing visibility in search engines.

Increase conversion rate

Now, as you start getting traffic to your site, the biggest challenge would be to convert traffic into leads. I must say here that each of your post can act a source for generating leads for your business. Each post can be a great opportunity to increase your sales.  Now, you may wonder how it may work out. Well, you just need to add call-to-action button to each and every post of your blog at the right places (where form your visitors can reach your site and complete the process of buying the products or taking the services from you).  Most of the popular business sites make use of the offers in order to generate leads. They may offer freebies, free gifts etc. to make customers divulge their information. They may use popups to collect the customer's data on their blog too.  

Creating, strengthening authority

It must be said that intelligent businesses run their blog in order to create and enhance their authority in the business field they are connected to. They surmise what doubts the customers may have about their products or the services. They may develop posts which revolve round answers for the questions which their prospective customers might have on their mind. This way of blogging can certainly help strengthen their position and turn them into a leader in their sphere of business. 

Brand promotion 

Just think of it, if you are running an e-commerce site then you may not have the option to talk more about the products you are selling online. You may have to flow with the trend - have to provide short, catchy description for the products. But with the blog posts you can elaborate tor talk about eh advantages and uniqueness of your precious this can help you attract and convince your customers too. 

Backbone of your social media campaign

I would describe blogging as the backbone of any social media campaign with the entrepreneurs would like to run for lead generation, customer acquisition, customer support etc. because, today, social media are known to have catalytic effect on seo results. When your seo team make use of the social media in the right way then it is all the more possible that you gain indomitable position in the search engines, attract and win new customers. .blog post urls can be posted with a little and attractive content. The perspective customers who might your social sites and interact with you can reach your website clicking on the links given by you. This may drive more traffic to your site through your social media campaigning (artfully mixing it up with the blogging).businesses which do not run and share their blog posts on the social media network do not make a positive impact on their customer’s mind. There are also some unwise business marketers who add plenty of third-party urls which point out to some other sites. This would certainly mean the end of your business. 

If you are not blogging then it is time that you seriously consider it. Otherwise, your competitors might take the lead and you will lag behind them. Do not think that it would create a hole in your pocket. No, even small businesses, this can be relatively cost-effective and can be well within their budget. 

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