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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How can I Help You Increase Sales Online?

For all website content writing services in Dubai, UAE, you can rely on me. I can help you develop a content strategy too which will surely increase sales online. Hire me as your content writer in Dubai for all web content, seo articles, content marketing services. 

Are you looking for increase in sales online? Are you yearning for success in your business online? Well, to achieve success in online world of business can be challenging. It requires a great marketing strategy from experts who understand how sales can be generated online and what can be done to keep the customers attracted, engaged and loyal for years and years. 

Website Writers in UAE

Revealing the road-map to success in business online.

I have been working as a content writer for over 10 years almost and have had the privilege of working for virtually all types of businesses - small to mid and large-sized enterprises. My job always kept me busy, interacting with the business owners, understanding their business and crafting strategies that can help them gain success they desire of. To be honest, I must mention here that I have been very lucky to have designed and developed strategies for the entrepreneurs that work for them and bring for them super-colossal benefits. 

Well, journey to success in business online begins with businesses taking the big step towards going online. Yes, book the domain. Get the site designed and developed by experienced and qualified website designers and developers. Get content written from an expert who understands more about your business and the one who has got the knack to come up with the most catchy, easy-to-understand and impressive content. 

Web Content is the soul of your corporate site - Don’t take it for granted 

Never ever take this for granted. Well, it might be that your English language is good or that one of the employees at your organization knows good English but content writing is all a very different thing. If you attempt writing or if you entrust this job of web content writing to one of the employees at your organization then probably this would be the first mistake which can hinder the growth in revenue online. Yes, that is absolutely right. Of course, as a business owner, you might be knowing more about your business but passing on this work to someone who is an expert is always recommended. Because, an expert will know how effectively business can be presented.  

Web content and SEO go hand-in-hand together 

Moreover, when it comes to website content, a writer needs to know more about how seo would work. Because, earlier, stuffing the keywords in the content here and there could have done the job but now rules have been changed. Google has become much smarter than ever before and now it lashes sites which adopt such tricks or techniques. Google penalty is common too. And if once penalization occurs then it would be difficult to regain online position. Extra money and extra efforts will have to be applied to re-work on the ranking of the site. 

Will develop optimized web content 

I would come up with optimized content for your website which will represent your business in the most succinct and impressive way. Trust me, it would be easier for your customers to understand more about you in just a few words and they would surely contact you for services or the products you offer. 

It would be written focusing on all SEO principles (what Google and other search engines look for when they start assessing the quality of the website content or when they start ranking the site based on all SEO factors). I have been an SEO Expert for over 6 years and have been through all Google Updates and ranking patterns adopted by other search engines. So, as an entrepreneur, you do not have to worry over it. I will take care of it. I, myself, will carry out the keyword research and will create the report. I will let you know which business terms (keywords) can be beneficial for you and what can be done in order to make search engines rank the content (and the site) on top with minimal efforts. 

Taking the next big steps toward marketing online  

SEO Writers in Dubai

I have talked about content marketing a number of times. I have already mentioned in one of my posts that now seo is all about content marketing. Nearly 90% of it hinges on what type of content you create, how effective it is, how it is promoted and how it is made engaging etc. When the corporate site is up and running then it is time to make it more popular. Of course, assistance in making on-page SEO (title, description, keyword additions, image optimization etc) work for you will be provided. I can talk to your website development team to help them understand much better about how on-page should be and what can be done to improve the effect of it. I am available to talk to developers anytime during the project period. 

SEO - will it work?

I am not saying that SEO is dead. No. I am not implying that either. In fact, what I would like to say here is that it has now turned into content marketing. Because, you see, directory submission (submitting the website data in 1000s of relevant or irrelevant link directories) is now being regarded SPAM by Google. Of course, a link from a relevant directory of high pagerank still holds great value and can boost up SEO ranking but still experts are of the view that new rules can come into effect anytime and this could lead to total destruction. So, why take the chances?

SEO Article Writers Dubai
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Content Marketing can lead to success

I would always recommend entrepreneurs to focus more on developing, promoting content which will surely lead to great success in future. Remember, Google is smart enough to know more of what you are trying to do with less or more keyword density. It would sooner or later lash out in vengeance and the site will totally go out of the visibility. 

Building and implementing a successful content strategy

Digital Content Writer Dubai
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Let me tell you what I can do for you. I can build and implement a successful content strategy for you which will boost up sales online. Yes, I am confident of it. Because, I have done it for other businesses too. So, small blueprint of it goes like this:

Website content will be framed all in accordance to the latest seo principles. I would check, recheck on-page seo, help developers develop the site that is more seo-friendly and customer-friendly.  Now, when your site is ready. We need to market it using the right channels. First, I would prefer to create social accounts. Of course, I would be managing these accounts. As a business owners, you just need to back me up with quality images from time to time because images would help attract the customers more. I would create, tweak the content for social posts in such a way that your social posts would be ranking higher in search results and would ultimately lead to improved ranking of your corporate site. 

Please, take into account that i am talking not just about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Management. I am, in fact, talking about other micro-blogging platforms and other social sites of prominence which can be used to enhance ranking (which would include but not just limited to Tumblr and other sites). 

Blogging To Drive More Traffic 

I would prefer that your site should have a blog because blogging can help improve ranking more instantly. Any SEO expert would suggest the same thing. Many of clients who have added the blog to their site and have added the blog posts (of course, written by me) have seen a considerable increase in ranking of their site. Just think of it, the power of blogging is visible through my site itself. It is due to incessant blogging that i have been able to reach to business owners in Dubai and other cities in UAE. 

Blogging Services in Dubai

So, let me come up with the titles that can be more relevant to your business. Yes, it would be my duty. Your developer will have to just install a good blog (designed and developed with no flaw at all). I would prefer Wordpress for corporate blogs because Wordpress has got plenty of features. There are a large number of Wordpress plugins too which can make it easier to optimize the blog. Remember, a blog which is not rightly optimized making use of the right seo-friendly content will not help increase traffic or sales in any way. Therefore, intelligent blogging lies in optimized blogging. So, you can rely on me for the same. I would employ my 10+ years of experience in order to make blogging work for you the right way. Keyword research and keyword placement would be taken care by me. Promotion of the blogging would also be my responsibility. Yes, I would do all these for you and much more. 

  • All the blog titles will be relevant to your business.
  • Titles will be optimized in the right way.
  • Blog posts will be added as per the selected blog package (for instance, three-five blogs per week or 10-15 blogs for month etc). 
  • Blog posts will be promoted through social media and other online channels. 
  • Customer engagement will be increased for sure. 
  • Reports on traffic generated to will be shared
  • Plans to take the blog to the next best level will be shared at the end of each month. 

Trust me, there are many other things too which I can’t tell you through the blog because some of the services are exclusive and are tried and tested for improving the sales online. I will be employing all my experience to help generate higher ROI for sure. 

Work with all ethics 

I will be working with all due diligence, dedication and heartitude to improve website ranking through content marketing. All communications would be secure. Business owners can rely on me for this. All the processes adopted by me to build, execute and manage content strategy would be transparent with no hidden elements. Integrity and responsiveness are hallmark of the services that i provide. So, do not wait. You can call me on +91 7730041171  (24/7). 

Five Big Advantages Of Hiring Me

(i) When you hire me, you hire an expert content writer who has got 10+ years of experience in content writing. (ii) You hire a digital marketing consultant who will be helping you create a digital marketing plan which will work like MAGIC for sure. (iii) Of course, I would be giving content strategy plan for digital marketing for FREE for business owners. (iv) I would help enterprises establish their business presence online without having to burden them with big investment. (v) You would pay 40-60% lesser than the actual market rate to avail all of these services.

So, do not wait. Talk to me today. Call me on +91 7730041171. Yes, I am from India. But, the kind of work I do for my clients is not hindered by this geographical distance. If you are looking for awesome results, impressive increase in sales online with quality content writing services, content marketing services then you really need to get in touch with me.