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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Content Writing Services In Dubai

Do you know your online / web presence hangs more on web content? Yes, your website might have been designed by experts but if it lacks quality content, it will ruin all efforts. Often, nine times out of ten, enterprises, especially, startups, do not focus more on the quality content. Hence, they eventually miss out on the chance to impress visitors and convert them into customers. 

How your website content should be?

Your website is your online identity. It should have powerful content, content which can impress the visitors and persuade them into buying or taking the products or the services that you offer. If it can’t work this way then it will help you generate leads online. 

Length of the content 

Well, let us begin with the most pressing issue of content 2017. Yes, this is one of the most talked about subject. In fact entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and other expert bloggers across the globe talk about it. It would be hard to say what should be the appropriate length for the web content but as far as relevance and impression making factors are converted, many of these experts prefer putting 300 words for each standard page related to services and others. “Home Page” can have 200-300 words or the content for it should be structured as per the design of the site. As far as blogging is concerned, word length can go up to 1500-2000 words as well (in fact, the more, the better). 

Concise, Easy-to-understand, Effective 

The content for websites should be crispier enough to attract the visitors. Remember, visitors will not wait for a long period of time. In fact, they would wait for only a few seconds within the content should create a good impression on their minds otherwise, web visitors will shut down the site and will go to the next. Therefore, it would be good if you can make the content more concise and effective. Try to make the visitors understand your business, or how you can be the service provider for them by presenting yourself in the most professional way.


It is always good to talk about your business in a way that can be impressive. If you just talk abou the bush without being direct and honest with the web visitors (here future-customers) then it can prove to be much detrimental for your business online. 


Well, seo in 20-17 is very different. Gone are the days when the SEOs used to put in high-targeted keywords in the content just in order to get preferred by the google for effective ranking and position but now the rules have changed. In fact, making use of the keywords in the content still works this has to be done in the smartest way. For instance, as a service provider, if your keywords are HVAC Contractors in Dubai or HVAC Services in Dubai then it would be crucial to make use of them in the most human-readable and machine-readable manner. The use of the keywords should be made in such a way that the visitors and the crawlers, search machines do not find anything usual about it. 

Following is an example:

“We are Incon HVAC Contractors in Dubai. We have been in this business for over 10 years and have the privilege of serving 3000+ clients so far and across UAE. For the best-in-class HVAC services, you can always rely on us.” 

Here, the name of the city is not used twice because it can lead to spamming. The term “HVAC” is used twice only in compliance with the latest seo rule. 

Stuffing the keywords in the content for ranking in Google and other search engines is strictly not termed as Web Optimization. But, making use of the long-tailed and other conjugated and related keywords of (low and high search volume) can lead to effective results. 

For content length that varies from 500-1000 words, 3-7 keywords can be used which can even help attract the search engines and push them to rank your site higher. 

Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure, Coherence

Grammar plays a pivotal role. No one would like to read text if it has grammatical errors, errors in spelling, wrong formation of the sentences, irrelevance etc. It is always recommended that the content prepared for the site or blog or for social media should be cross checked twice or thrice before making it live for the customers. Experts spend time in proofreading the content when it is ready. In fact, professionals, analyze, assess or proofread it online as well after it goes live so that it can be flawless. 

Catchy Phrases 

The use of the catchy phrases in the content is always recommended. Visitors may not show readiness to read the text from top to bottom to know more about business. They would look for one of such sentences. Because, these eye-catching phrases can help them understand more about you in a nutshell. 

Transparency / Be honest 

It would be important to be very much honest and transparent when representing the business online. If you aim at creating engaging content and want visitors to become loyal customers then be honest in all dealings with them. 

Don’t just fall into palatable tactics (well, these tactics may help garner more traction online but eventually can lead to detrimental effect on business).

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